Meagan Morrison

Fashion illustrator Meagan Morrison has a host of big-name clients including Dior and Harper’s Bazaar. She shares her secrets to runway success and building a presence online with Natalie Milner

How do you capture a figure moving along a catwalk?

My trick is that the very first head I draw will pair with a look on a model who comes well after that, because you have less than a minute to capture a figure. I tend to keep the faces and hairstyles general, so no matter what outfit I draw, it marries easily with the person’s features.

What are your favoured art materials?

I use a variety of media and I don’t get too specific about what I’m using. I would rather hold a paintbrush over a pencil. Truth be told, I do not love sketching. My first love is – 100 per cent – painting.

Why did you set up your blog?

I started Travel Write Draw in September 2010, one year shy of graduating from my fashion illustration AAS degree at Fashion Institute of Technology. I had just returned from Dubai, super-inspired and longing for a space to share my illustrations.

You have more than 142,000 followers on Instagram. How did you build this?
When there was just a handful of illustration blogs and Instagram didn’t exist, I spent a great deal of time engaging with other art bloggers. Then Instagram became the dominant platform. I built up around 8,000 followers and, in September of 2014, was featured as a suggested user – my audience grew to 100,000 in three weeks.

What advice can you offer a fashion illustrator?

It is easy to cave under the pressures of social media, press features and commissions, so it’s important to know why you started so you can come back to that. See more of Meagan’s art at www.travelwritedraw.; Instagram @travelwritedraw

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